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For Private Hire & Taxi Operators, Chauffeur, Executive, Minibus & Specialist Operators

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Main features of CabVista

CabVista taxi management software gives you full control of your taxis, private hire cars, black cabs, minibuses or chauffeur cars.

The  CabVista  computer system

The CabVista taxi management program is designed for managing your private hire cars and minicabs, black cab taxis, minibus and chauffeur limousines.

cabvista taxi, private hire, black cab, chauffeur software

It is Windows-based software and runs under Windows 98 or later (Win2000, XP-Home, XP-Pro, Vista, Win7, Win8, etc).

Get a free Tutorial / Demo version, so you can try CabVista for yourself.
We can send it on a free CD, or you can download a copy from this web-site (see below).

Features include:

vending Take bookings quickly (ad hoc, pre-booked, "ASAP", etc),
vending See a regularly-updated picture of where all your cars and jobs are,
vending Easily match cars to jobs, and dispatch,
vending Set-up your Account customers, take account bookings,
vending Invoice your account customers, (with optional export to Sage), produce statements of each driver's Account Work, etc,
vending Automatically build-up a list of all your local streets, pubs, clubs, airports, hospitals, etc …to make booking new jobs fast and efficient …orimport a list of all streets in your area from CD-ROM,
vending The detailed history of all your jobs is stored automatically for you, including the driver/vehicle that performed the job, pickup dates, times, customer names, etc,
vending Record "no-jobs", "no-shows", etc,

Regular repeat bookings, school runs, etc …set-up once then let the system repeat the booking automatically as required,

A DataBase for your Drivers and Vehicles:


vending Driver & Vehicle Databases (as shown), with automatic warnings as a driver nears his MOT or Insurance expiry date, etc,
vending Keep track of driver holidays and sickness, etc,
vending Optional export to your familiar Windows programs (Microsoft Excel, Word, etc),
vending Multi-user access an option,
vending Fully-Interactive Help-Screens - just click on 'Help' at any time,
vending Fully Windows-compliant (Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, etc),
vending and much much more ...all in the friendly CabVista way.

See a constantly updated Diaryof all your drivers' commitments:



And a list of all your outstanding Jobs, waiting to be dispatched:


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Free Tutorial
You can download a free copy of the CabVista Tutorial version, to try CabVista on your own PC.
This is also available on CD-ROM : please contact us if you would prefer a free CD-ROM to be posted to you.
Click here for the free CabVista Downloads.

 Contact us to discuss your requirements or to arrange for a demonstration of CabVista.  
 You can email us :

 Or telephone and ask for Chris or Janet on :   0161-776-4390