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For Private Hire & Taxi Operators, Chauffeur, Executive, Minibus & Specialist Operators

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CabVista Knowledge-Base

If you have a question, these articles may provide the answer:

1.  Exporting to Sage or QuickBooks

2.  Multi-user version: setting-up on a network

3.  Re-creating last month's invoices

4.  Emailing invoices

5.  Including your logo in an emailed invoice

6.  Ways to dispatch a job

7.  Creating an ad-hoc (one-off) invoice

8.  Sending a Booking Confirmation

9.  Using 'CV-Checker' to check your files

10.  Installing CabVista on a new PC or laptop

11.  Understanding Regular Bookings

12.  Invoicing mid-month

If you can't find the answer here, let us know by emailing: