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Hints & Tips

If you are an existing CabVista user, you may find the followings hints and tips useful.   Many more appear in section H5 of the CabVista Manual.

♦ Exporting from CabVista into Sage Accounts or QuickBooks (No. 1)


I currently use Sage or QuickBooks accounting software for my company accounts.  Can I export my invoices from CabVista into Sage or QuickBooks, so I can apply payments from my account customers, and provide a set of accounts for my accountant ?


Yes - learn how by clicking here:  Exporting to Sage or QB

♦ Exporting from CabVista into Sage Accounts  or QuickBooks (No. 2)  


I have created my invoices in CabVista and exported them to a USB memory-stick, ready for Sage (or QuickBooks).  But now I have lost the memory-stick (or it is damaged).  How can I get another copy of the export file ?


Go into the folder "C:\CabVista\Info\Acct" (ie: go to C-Drive, then go into the folder 'CabVista', then go into the folder 'Info', then go into the folder 'Acct') and you will find another copy of the export file called "Sage-Inv.CSV" (for Sage) or "QB-Inv.IIF" (for QuickBooks).  Just copy this to a new memory-stick.

End-of-year backup of last year’s jobs


It is my end-of-year and I wish to backup all my jobs from last year.


To save your records up to the end of year, you should follow these steps:

1) Exit out of CabVista

2) In Windows, go into the folder "C:\CabVista\Info\Hist" (ie: go to C-Drive, then go into the folder 'CabVista', then go into the folder 'Info', then go into the folder 'Hist').

3) Then go into the year you want to save. For example, double-click on "2008".

4) You will see a set of files, one for each day you have made bookings. For example:

JF_01_01.Dat = the bookings for the 1st Jan

JF_07_16.Dat = the bookings for the 16th July

JF_12_31.Dat = the bookings for the 31st Dec

5) Simply copy all the days you want to save, into another folder (or onto a memory-stick, or save them on a CD-Rom).

6) If you want to delete these jobs, and are sure you have a safe backed-up copy of them, then you could delete any of the days that you no longer want in CabVista. 

7) You can now re-start CabVista.

  Setting-up Multi-user version on a Network


I have the multi-user version of CabVista -- how do I set it up on my network ? 


The steps required are described in sections A4 and H6 of the Manual, and in the network document, which you can see by clicking here:  Setting-up a network

 Telephone Caller-ID 


I have bought a Caller-ID 'Black-Box' from you ... how do I set-up my Caller-ID feature ?


Important: Before starting, ask your telephone supplier to enable "Caller ID" on your telephone line (if you haven’t already).  They will usually make a small charge per month for this.

Then follow the instructions, by clicking here:  CallerID-PDF 

Do you have a different question ?

To email a question to us:

To speak to us:

Tel (from UK):  0161 776 4390

Tel (from overseas):  +44 161 776 4390

See also the Users Page which can be accessed directly from the CabVista program.