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Common Questions & Answers 

Here are some questions that we are often asked by the owners of taxi firms before they buy CabVista or shortly after they start using CabVista in their business.

If you would like to ask us any further questions, please contact us.


Q.  Will my staff need extensive re-training?

A.  No.  CabVista comes with a full manual and interactive help-screens, and is designed to be very user-friendly. You or your staff / colleagues will be using CabVista within minutes.

Q.  Will I need to employ new staff?

A .  No.  CabVista helps your present staff to become more effective and more efficient.  If you are able to expland, then your business can grow with more cars while keeping the same number of office staff.

Q.  I have only one car.  Will CabVista help my business?

A.  Yes.  Our smallest customer is using CabVista  successfully with just 1 car. A CabVista  taxi system will handle your business easily.  As CAB's efficiency increases your business, you can increase your fleet.  As you grow, CAB will continue to help you, no matter how large your fleet becomes.

Q.  I have over 50 cars.  Can CabVista help me?

A.  Yes!  Our largest customer is using CabVista  successfully with over 70 cars. If you grow even bigger, or require data, you can always move to our CAB-5000 taxi system for larger firms.  And of course CabVista  is equally successful in running both 'black cabs' and private hire cars.

Q.  I take account work, multiple jobs, jobs requiring a wheel-chair, etc., as well as 'normal' jobs.  Can CAB cope with these?

A.  Yes.  CabVista  records all these types of jobs, along with destinations, times, drivers, etc.  When you want to know a detail, CabVista  will instantly display the information on the computer screen for you.

Q.  My taxi operation is different from most people's.  I have specialist needs.  Will CAB help me?

A . Yes.  Before you buy CabVista, we'll discuss all your particular needs. Many of the screens in CabVista  are able to be customized by you, the user. You simply choose the features or format you require to suit your business.

Q.  At present I am getting bogged-down in paper-work.  
As my taxi operation grows in the future, things can only get worse.  
Can CabVista help me?

A.  Yes!  The elimination of paper-work is just one of the many reasons why a thriving operation needs CabVista  in order to compete effectively.  You will do your accounts much more easily.

Q.  I want to add notes or messages to my jobs: "go to the back door", "wedding party", etc.  Can CabVista do this?

A.  Yes, easily.  CabVista  can do all that a paper system can do, but faster, easier, and more efficiently.

Q.  Will CabVista affect the way I give-out jobs ?

A.  No, you will continue to dispatch your jobs in your usual way (typically by voice over the radio). But CabVista  will organise all your bookings for your dispatcher, to make his/her job easier and faster.

Q.  What about 'data units' that show the job on a screen inside the taxi.  Can these be used with the CabVista system?

A.  No – for that you need our larger system called CAB-5000.

Q.  Do you provide the computer equipment?

A.  No, we only provide the software … you can use your existing computers provided they are running Windows95 or later (Windows95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, etc).

Q.  What happens if my business expands?  Is the CabVista system expandable?

A.  Yes, all the CabVista  systems are easily expandable, so that they can grow with your business.

Q.  What support do you give after CabVista is installed?

A.  Our email or telephone Help-line gives you an immediate contact and expert help, for registered users.

Our computer programmers are constantly adding extra features requested by other customers, and you automatically get the benefit of these.

Q.  How much does CabVista cost?

A.  This depends on your specific needs, and how many cars you have.  But we have done everything possible to keep the prices down, and you will find our prices very competitive. For more details, ask us for a full quote.

As one of our customers says, "Your software costs me nothing at all -- my increased business has paid for it many times over".

Q.  How can I find out more?

A . Start by looking at our Tutorial-Demo version. For more details, click here.